Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Don't Wait. The Outcome Could Be Painful

Many patients are told they don’t need their wisdom teeth out until they become painful.  If you choose this treatment please have panoramic radiographs taken every five (5) years to identify bone cysts.  These odontogenic or bone cysts can develop without pain and destroy bone structure.  The cysts have a higher chance of forming from age 40-50.  It is best to find the cyst early so the removal is easier.  Advanced cyst removal may require titanium fixation plates to stabilize the jaw during healing.  The cost of this surgery is greater than the cost of removing wisdom teeth before the cyst forms.

Remove Your Wisdom Teeth Before Age 25

We recommend the wisdom teeth be removed before age 25.  They can be removed before, during or after orthodontic braces are on your teeth.  The surgery is easier and your healing time is faster because you are younger and healthier.  Many patients who wait until their 40 years old have problems like diabetes or high blood pressure that complicate the surgery.

It is difficult to repair a cavity in a wisdom tooth.  The routine equipment to repair teeth are not designed to reach that far back in your mouth.  Many people who wait until they have a cavity make removing the wisdom tooth more difficult because it is going to crack or break.

Attention High School Athletes

We recommend your wisdom teeth are removed BEFORE your sophomore year.  It does not matter if you have braces or not.  Many athletes have missed games, lost training time or had to postpone college recruiting trips due to untimely pain or fractures. 

An impacted wisdom tooth is inside your jaw.  You cannot see it or brush it.  This tooth inside your bone increases the stress around the tooth if you have contact to your jaw.  This is called a stress concentration effect.  The common place for a jaw to break (jaw fracture) is under the tooth. 

  • This happens if a football player is kicked in the jaw. 
  • This happens if a basketball player is elbowed to the chin. 
  • This happens when a softball or baseball hits a player in the face. 
  • This is a common fracture for boxers and MMA fighters. 

You can avoid losing playing time if you remove the wisdom teeth BEFORE you are a critical varsity player working towards a championship or a college scholarship.

The healing time for a routine jaw fracture is 6-8 weeks.  We have seen players miss the majority of a season because of the stress concentration effect of wisdom teeth inside bone.

If you choose to keep wisdom teeth and play athletics we recommend a high quality mouthpiece that will distribute the force away from wisdom teeth and minimize a jaw fracture.

Attention Musicians & Singers

The healing time is longer if a patient plays a wind instrument or sings.  The facial muscles must be completely healed before blowing a horn or robust singing.  We recommend you have wisdom teeth removed at least 30 days before any concert performance to allow maximum healing.

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