Jaw Fracture, Facial Fracture

Most broken noses, cheekbones and jaws can be repaired as an outpatient surgery.  We follow the “14 day” rule for repairing broken bones.  The face and jaw can be repaired with favorable outcome if completed within 14 days of the accident.  Our goal is to treat all fractures in 7-10 days.  We can repair sooner so don’t think you have to wait.

We want to see as soon as possible to determine what treatment is best for you and to start antibiotics, pain medicine and nutritional support.

The repair is easier and has better result if the facial swelling is gone.  This is especially true for swollen eyes.  If the bone under the eye is broken we usually schedule at a local hospital and not in the clinic.

We don’t have to wire your jaw shut.  The repair of jaw fracture with jaws wired shut is successful but many patients do not want to lock their mouth closed for 6 weeks.  We can repair your jaw with fixation plates so that you can eat SOFT food the next day.  The fixation plates do not need to be removed after the bone heals. 

If you had a surgery by another doctor and your unhappy please call for a second opinion.  We can remove old fixation plates and reset the jaw so your teeth come together better.  We can also adjust bone or add material to improve the shape of your cheeks or chin.  We utilize custom prosthesis design from Germany with KLS Martin implants for complex cases.

Dr. Cullens has 15 years experience with facial and jaw fractures so please call if you have any questions.