Immediate Dentures

We understand when a patient wants to be out of pain and remove all their teeth.  We know that medical conditions, cancer treatment, prescription drug side-effects and trauma can damage teeth to a point that routine dental repair will not work.  We know the cost of routine dental repair on 10 or more teeth can be more than some people can afford.  Dentures can be the more cost effective plan.

We know drug abuse destroys teeth.  We do not assume you are a drug-addict or treat you negatively because you want your teeth removed.  Many conditions cause dental treatment to be unsuccessful for some patients.  We are supportive of patients who want to change the course of the lives and start making better decisions about their health.  We have assisted many people in improving their health, their smile and their ability to be employed.

We have partnered with state certified dental labs for our immediate denture patients.  We know patients have not been able to get the treatment they want and have asked our clinic for help in the past.  We continue to provide this service to those who have been turned away or too embarrassed to be treated by other providers.


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