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Second Opinions for Dental Implants

Please consider a second opinion on any bone grafting included with a dental implant. Bone grafts add healing time and cost to your treatment. We have techniques that can eliminate the need for grafting. Many times we can extract a tooth and place the implant immediately.

Please be aware that if you are losing teeth and feel like you need dentures or replacement of 10 or more teeth you should get several opinions. We would take a structural foundation approach to rebuilding your bite and place implants where you will need them for long-term and multiple use. If an implant is placed to replace a tooth it may not be usable to support a denture or other prosthesis a few years latep; We have seen patients spend $6000-$8000 on implants for a few teeth that was unnecessary.

You should know the manufacturer of the dental implant placed in your mouth. You should be given the FDA sticker on every implant so you know the LOT and REFERENCE numbers. The FDA has recalled some implants and your dentist is responsible for getting this information to you so you are protected in the future if a recall occurs.

I am a University of Oklahoma Residency trained surgeon with a mechanical engineering degree. I can tell you if your dental implant treatment is correct and if the pricing is fair. I believe in the technology of dental implants. However, we are seeing a great technology being used incorrectly. At this point in my career I remove and repair more badly placed dental implants from lesser trained providers than I place myself.

Please be aware of two issues about dental implants:

  1. A cone beam cat scan (CBCT) is not needed for most dental implants.  A poor surgeon does not improve his/her surgical skill simply by taking a CBCT.  We see a pattern of bad surgeons driving costs up with unnecessary CBCT.  Ask why a CBCT is needed.  We were placing dental implants for years prior to this technology.
  2. CRITICAL - a dental implant should not hurt.  You could be sore for 2-3 days after surgery but no pain is expected beyond that.  We see patients tolerating annoying or tender implants for years from other providers.  There is a problem with any dental implant that you are aware is in your mouth.  Notify the provider who placed the dental implant and get a radiograph to determine what is happening.

Dental Implant vs. Bridge

We still see many patients who believe a bridge is a better choice because its less expensive.

The out-of-pocket cost for a 3 unit bridge should be similar to a single implant.  We will be happy to provide a second opinion so that you can compare costs.

The critical point I want all patients to understand is the expected lifespan of a bridge is 7-10 years from insurance companies.  The expected lifespan of an implant is the patient’s lifetime.  The protocol for implant placement should be 95% successful in patients.  If you choose a bridge you should expect to replace that bridge at least once in your lifetime. 

The maintenance of either a bridge or implant must also be considered.  Each treatment requires specific cleaning techniques and you should understand how to clean and maintain a bridge or implant before you select that treatment.  You should expect some guarantee of both treatments.  

Dental Implant Cost

Implant Sequence - With a dental implant, there is no need to grinddown the the healthy
adjacent teeth. The implant provides support for the crown.

Dr. Rocky's Experience with Dental Implants

Dr. Cullens graduated from Oklahoma State University with Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He has 10 years experience in design and process engineering.  This technical background allows Dr. Cullens to utilize dental implants with structural engineering principles that maximize implant use and long-term success.  The dental implant is a better choice for replacing a tooth than any other option.  Dental implants have been used over 40 years with success in Europe. 

Dental Implant Stages

Healing Abutmant in Place

Final Abutmant in Place

Crown Placed

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Money-back Guarantee on Implants

We provide a money-back guarantee on dental implants.  Please consider the guarantee on a bridge vs. an implant from Stonewood Hills OMS before making a decision.