Possessing more than a decade of experience in dental surgery, Dr. Rocky Cullens serves as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. In addition, Dr. Rocky Cullens educates fellow practitioners by delivering continuing education courses via the Oklahoma Dental Foundation (ODF). Offering courses to dental professionals and providing dental care education to individuals in need are two ways in which the ODF achieves its mission of eliminating barriers to dental health care.

Throughout the year, ODF offers training to dental assistants seeking permits to perform expanded duties. Topics include sealants, nitrous oxide, radiation safety, coronal polishing, and topical fluoride. For dental hygienists, ODF administers programs in local anesthesia and nitrous oxide. However, ODF does not issue permits to dental health practitioners.

Dental professionals need to seek permits via the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry. Individuals may need to take courses from ODF if they have let their permit lapse or if they are seeking to transfer permits from another state.