Nutrition & Weight Loss

Dr. Cullens has 15 years experience with facial and jaw fracture surgeries.  He has removed over 9,000 wisdom teeth.  The successful outcome of these surgeries is dependent on appropriate nutrition.  You cannot recover well if all you eat is Jello or Chicken Bullion.  Our recommendation for most surgeries is:

WATER diet for first one (1) hour after surgery.  This allows stomach to begin digestion process and reduces upset stomach or vomiting.

LIQUID diet for next 24 hours after surgery.  We partner with Herbalife for great-tasting, high-quality nutrition shakes available to our patients.  Boost or Ensure shakes are another good source of nutrition.

SOFT diet starting no sooner than the second day after surgery.  This is oatmeal, scrambled eggs, macaroni and cheese, yogurt, ice cream.  If you can smash the food with your tongue against the roof of your mouth it is a SOFT diet.  We recommend you add protein powder to this food to increase nutrition. 

When a patient has prolonged restricted diet due to complex fractures or TMJ pain we recommend Herbalife Maintenance Shakes.  This nutrition plan will support healing and maintain a patient’s weight.  The Herbalife system can be used to reduce weight in the obese patient and not restrict nutrition for healing.